Marianas Pacific Foods

Taste of the Marianas

We provide our customers with authentic Chamorro dishes and Hafa Adai spirit. At Marianas Pacific Foods, we strive to create an inviting family environment with island jams playing in the background and food portioned enough to have extra for the average Chamorro. Greeted with a "Hafa Adai" to all that visits us and enjoying the backyard barbecue family gathering feel. We are thankful for our loyal following since ever since and excited to share all of our home recipes to all! We hope you enjoy the food as much as we love preparing and cooking it for you! Si Yu'us Ma'ase!

We are a family operated mobile food vendor from the Mariana Islands serving Chamorro food in the Pacific Northwest. We have officially transitioned to "Marianas Pacific Foods" after operating for two years under the name "Amazil Chamorro Chow". Take a look at our contact us page to see where you can find us for some flavorful BBQ plates!